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Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama (かみさまみならい ヒミツのここたま Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Kokotama), literally meaning "Cocotama Secret Apprentices of Gods", is the name of anime series in Himitsu no Cocotama franchise by Bandai. The episodes air weekly on Thursdays at 6:00 PM JST, on channel TV Tokyo, with the first episode debuting on 1 October 2015. 

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The opening theme is Korokoro Cocotama! by Erika and the ending theme Kokon Poipoi Cocottama! by all voice actresses of six main Cocotama characters.


Kokoro Yotsuba is a clumsy fifth-grader but she always makes sure to take care of her things, as her grandmother told her that everything has a soul. This is proven true when one day, an egg is born from a green pencil that she always cherished, hatching into a small magical spirit called Luckytama.

Cocotamas are meant to be secret, so Kokoro must promise to never share the Cocotamas with the world. Soon Kokoro discovers other Cocotamas and they all have fun playing together in their Cocotama House, but because they are apprentices, they have to practice their magic so that they can one day become full-fledged Gods.


Protagonist (Cocotama Contractor)

Yotsuba Family


Cocotamas signed with Kokoro

New Residents
Temporary Residents

The Noratama Trio (Straytama Trio)

Cocotamas signed with Nozomi

Cocotamas signed with Hikari

Other Cocotamas

Hidamari Elementary School



001) Birth! Little God/Kokoro Builds a House!?

002) Piano God, Melory ♪/Cocotama Housecleaning!

003) Cocotamas go to School/Rabbit God

004) Big Pinch! Oshaki Can't Come Out!!

005) The Laughing God? Geracho-datcho

006) A Very Exciting Great Camping Adventure!?

007) The Sexy Cocotama ♡ Kirarise/Good luck! Mom

008) SOS!? Mogutan Appears

009) Decisive Futsal Match!

010) Look for the Tama-Senin!/Tama-Senin's Game!

011) Candy Shop Babanban!

012) Goodbye, Cocotama House

013) Kokoro's Heart-Pounding Christmas/The Cocotama's Suspenseful Christmas

014) The Cocotama Twins' Splashing Appearance!/Sarine and Parine's secret

015) Sorry for Waiting! My name is Mishil!!/The Mysterious Spy! Codename 346

016) Expanding the Cocotama House!/The Great Postal Service Pursuit!

017) Kokoro's Secret

018) Oni! Beans! Setsubun!/Snow Surprise! A Snowy World

019) The Big Valentine Operation!

020) The Noratama Trio Arrives!

021) Mom gets Angry/Not Again! The Noratama Trio

022) Hina and the Ohina Doll

023) Aim to be an Idol!

024) Oshaki Moves out/From the Drawer

025) Geracho's Training!?/Let's all Touch Amanda!

026) Another Contractor

027) Happy Hunter Nozomi & Vivit

028) The Cocotama Contract Renewal!?/Supermarket Paradise-Daguu!

029) Onward! Terepon Shopping!!/Run Amanda

030) Pinco and Renge were born here!

031) Fly to the Sky Cocotama/Operation Mother's Day!

032) Go for First Place!!

033) The "Luck" in Fortune Telling!?/Kokoro's a Gaming God!?

034) Mishil's Crucial Moment!/Ichinose's Many Secrets

035) Catch a UFO!

036) Wet in the Rain♪ Cocotama House/Hungry Straytama Trio!

037) Geracho has a Disciple!?/Akane comes in

038) A Straytama's Feelings

039) The Happy Hunters go to the Amusement Park!

040) The Cocotama Land is Done!

041) The Game in the Library!/Y~ou won't go to the Infirmary!?

042) We'll all make a New Menu!/Cocotama Land Summer Pool

043) The Yukata Big Wave!/The Cocotamas go to the Summer Festival!

044) To Grandma's House

045) The Cocotama Summer Adventure!

046) Aim for the Happy Stars!/Memories of Summer

047) Cocotama Chore Operation!/The Smiling Baby Cocotama, Nicolie

048) Throb Throb! Kokoro's Birthday

049) Welcome, Nicolie/That's it, I'll write a letter

050) Noratama Trio: The Gods of Love?/Come work, Happy Ukero!

051) A Cinderella Happening

052) The Birth of Queen Mishil!?/Kokoro and Luckytama: Memories of that day

053) Kirarise's Fashionable Class/Chewing Bell Peppers!

054) Be Quiet when Reading/Melory the Poster Girl-nano♪

055) Surprise! Halloween Party

056) My Codename is 753/The Ban Ban Dashi Dashi Super Training!

057) Burn with Passion! Geracho-sensei/Smile for our Friendship Photo!

058) A Loving Big, Refreshing Bathtime!/Mush Mukunyu, The Drawing Board God!



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